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Aug. 11, 12

03:12 AM

[TW: Zionism, and racial slurs.]
This racist imperialist bullshit is on the San Francisco MUNI bus line.

[TW: Zionism, and racial slurs.]

This racist imperialist bullshit is on the San Francisco MUNI bus line.

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    This is disgusting…
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    …………………………………………… Wow.
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    is this for real? please tell me it’s photoshopped
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    Oh my god
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    …I’m sorry, what? San Francisco? The alleged city of freedom, non-bigotry, and universal acceptance? Well done, guys....
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    The fuck is this shit
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    Whaaaat! This shit will not last for more than a day. What bus line was it?
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    You can support Israel without supporting things like this; I’m all against jihad and I used to play on the local bomb...
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    I can’t hold any of this unfortunately asymmetrical what.
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    Bingo. I don’t know how someone would look at this ad and what I said and miss that? I think this person was just a...
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    The main issue here, for me at least, is the imperialist rhetoric of “civilization” versus “savagery” at work here,...
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    Well, wait. How is this racist? Jihad is not a race. It is a concept that has caused so many deaths of innocent people....
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